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Welcome to the NCD web

Welcome to the home of NCD. This web-based collaboration area (wiki) is used for discussions of the NCD Subgroup of the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG).

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Auxilliary files

NCD-v090_05_nht.doc 2008 draft NCD v0.9 submission
NCD-v090_TDWG.doc: NCD v0.90 Submission file to Open Journal System
Collection.rdf RDF for collection
CollectionType.rdf RDF for collection type
Institution.rdf RDF for institution
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NCD_terms_FINAL_Aug_3.xls" attr="" comment="FINAL version of NCD terms" date="1186147149" name="NCD_terms_FINAL_Aug_3.xls" path="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms FINAL_Aug 3.xls" size="5116928" stream="C:\Documents and Settings\butlerc\My Documents\CLD\2007\NCD terms FINAL_Aug 3.xls" user="Main.CarolButler" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MCNNCD.ppt" attr="" comment="MCN powerpoint" date="1194465962" name="MCNNCD.ppt" path="MCNNCD.ppt" size="886784" stream="MCNNCD.ppt" user="Main.ConstanceRinaldo" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" attr="" comment="NCD v0.9 Draft submission document" date="1218016852" name="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" path="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" size="1440768" stream="NCD-v090_05_nht.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" attr="" comment="NCD v0.90 Submission file to Open Journal System" date="1218549515" name="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" path="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" size="486912" stream="NCD-v090_TDWG.doc" user="Main.NeilThomson" version="1"
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